5 Ways To Spend Time With Mom This Mother’s Day

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to celebrate mom. Sons and daughters — take note. It’s important to celebrate mom and family every day of the year, but especially on Mother’s Day!

Here are some great ways to spend quality time with your Mom this Mother’s Day:

Go For A Walk

Get some fresh air! Besides enjoying the obvious health benefits of walking, like increasing your heart rate and the emotional highs that come from being active outside, you can use this time to have important conversations with your mom. If the weather is nice, be sure to spend time together outside. You might not think it’s cool to hold hands with Mom anymore, but we guarantee it never goes out of style, especially on Mother’s Day.

Cook With Her

If your mom loves a certain dish, consider cooking it with her! If you cook together, you can bond over recipes that may have been passed down, perhaps for generations, and spend some wonderful moments talking. Cooking together can be a lot of fun kids and parents, and especially on Mother’s Day. Here are some great recipes to get you started.

Read A Book Together

Mother’s Day is such a special time for families, especially for mom’s and children to reconnect. Spend some time reading your favorite books, or choose a chapter or two from Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! … and work on some of the exercises at the end of each chapter. So often, we are pulled in so many directions that it’s hard to really connect with the ones we love, so spend time doing that this Mother’s Day and create some new discussion topics using this great family book!

Work On A Project Together

Don’t overthink this one! You can plant flowers in your mom’s garden or in some decorated pots. Or, you can stay indoors and work on a craft together. Spending time doing an activity together is a great way to show her you care. Head on over to Crafts By Amanda for some great ideas to work on with your mom!

Organize Family Photos & Scrapbooks

If you’re anything like us, you probably love looking through old photographs. It’s a great way to learn (or re-learn!) stories from your childhood. It’s also important because sorting through old photographs and memories helps keep mom’s brain sharp, especially when she’s asked to recall certain moments from the past.

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, remember how important family relationships are. Be mindful about the time you spend with your family. Put your phone away and truly engage with your siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and others. You might end up learning something you never knew about yourself or a family member!

Humor: Laughing Is One Of The Best Parenting Skills

“I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.” – Maya Angelou

Parenting is a tough job. It’s not always fun or easy and it might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the word “humor”. But, you might just not realize how important it can be to model for your kids as a parent.

Humor in parenting is a must!

When writing Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! we laughed… a lot! We talked about how humor helped us through childhood challenges, and how even during times of sadness we held on to humor as a dear friend. We knew we had to address it in our book and help parents understand how important it is when raising children.

From a scientific standpoint, when a person laughs, chemicals in the brain – endorphins – are released. Endorphins make people feel good. They promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

So as parents, it’s important to use humor to add some levity to life. We know that laughter is not always a solution to life’s ills, but we certainly are aware that more of it is needed. Girls need to laugh. Jokes, riddles, and humor help to develop abstract thinking and relieve some of the pains that young women can endure as teens.

Here are some great ways to incorporate humor into your parenting:

  • Tell your kids jokes
  • Listen to their jokes
  • Allow time for silliness, such as playing dress-up and other imaginative games
  • Read funny books to your kids
  • Help them to learn to laugh at themselves and their mistakes
  • Ask each other what the funniest thing was that happened at the end of the day
  • Watch funny movies together

You’ll find even more great tips and advice for raising girls and boys to be their magnificent selves in our book. For more great parenting tips, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

March Is National HerStory Month: How Are You Celebrating?

Did you know March is dubbed “Herstory Month”? That’s right!

Every day is the right day to celebrate girls and women and we love having a month dedicated to celebrating all of the magnificent women who have come and gone before us, and those who remain strong voices today.

According to the Smithsonian Institution, Women’s history month was intended to amplify women’s voices to honor the past, inform the present, and inspire the future. This helps to ultimately deepen our understanding of women’s contributions to America and the world, showing how far women have advanced, and how we as a country value equality and the contributions of all our citizens.

Looking for some ways to celebrate the herstory of women this month? Here are a few great activities that encourage girls to just have some fun and enjoy being women:

Invite your girlfriends over for a girls night and have a karaoke singalong full of girl-power songs:

  • Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
  • Rise Up by Andra Day
  • Video by India Arie
  • Firework by Katy Perry
  • Brave by Sara Barielles
  • Fight Song by Rachel Platten
  • Try by Colbie Caillat

Choose quotes from your favorite women poets and paint them, frame them, or otherwise display them so that you can enjoy the powerful words all year-long.

Create your very own vision board. This is a wonderful activity for Moms and daughters as well. You can get some vision board inspiration on Pinterest.

Read the book Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! with your daughter or friends. To make it even more fun… you can and each site examples of how the 9 principles of the book are relevant in your own lives. From the importance of authenticity to creating lasting friendships, and even how to practice self-care are all important parts of celebrating being a woman.

Watch the top 10 most inspiring TED Talks for women. Grab that bag of popcorn and scurry over to the couch and binge-watch these inspiring talks by women who are truly magnificent women!

For more ideas about how you can celebrate HerStory Month in your community, do a simple Google search for events in your area, or create your own! For more great tips for raising strong and magnificent girls, be sure to grab your copy of our book on Amazon.

How Important Is Self-Discipline For Young Women?

Some adults think of self-discipline as avoiding the chocolate fondue station at an event or resisting the urge to buy something we can’t really afford. Well, that’s part of it for sure. But how do you teach self-discipline to young women? It may sound super-challenging but really it’s not.

First, let’s talk a bit about the meaning of self-discipline.

self-dis·ci·pline | noun The ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

In speaking with many women, I’ve found that those who were not allowed to make choices and face consequences early on were more apt to struggle with self-discipline as young adults.

One, in particular, told me about how strict and overbearing her parents were (now sometimes referred to as helicopter parenting). They kept her so cloistered and fearful that she suffered later with self-esteem issues, lacked “normal” coping skills and turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the feelings of being unprepared for life. Are you a helicopter parent? Take this quiz to find out.

I’m not saying that every young girl who has strict parents will develop substance abuse issues, but I am saying that there are ways to encourage her self-discipline skills from an early age.

Some ways you can create an environment that fosters self-discipline:

  • Allow your child to work to find her own solutions to age-appropriate problems
  • Learn about and discuss the value of consequences
  • Allow your child to experiment with safe activities, clothing, and other ways she can express herself (even if you don’t “want” her to)
  • Talk openly about your own challenges with delaying gratification

You can find a whole chapter about how to empower your child by teaching self-discipline and many other fantastic tips to help with courage, confidence, and authenticity in the book Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! Buy it today — we’d love to hear what you think!

We wrote this book with YOU in mind and it benefits everyone, women, girls… even young boys and men. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful tips.

Miscommunication & How It Affects Us

How often have you wished you had said something different? Wished that you could take it back? Or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of miscommunication… maybe someone sent you a text that you misinterpreted. This happens a lot as many of you know.

Mothers and daughters that communicate better enjoy spending time together even more.

So how do we teach young girls, women, and society at large to be very concerned about how to communicate better, and avoid the problems that miscommunication can cause?

There are two ways of spreading the light, to be a candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Edith WHarton

Healthy communication is a major contributor to positive self-esteem and meaningful relationships. Here are some of the benefits of girls feeling like they are being seen and heard:

  • Increases overall self-confidence
  • Enhanced ability to communicate wants and needs
  • More willing to spend time with parents and other adults

Don’t those sound empowering? And if you’re anything like us we think the last one is pretty great as well. Girls and teens who are comfortable communicating are more apt to spend time with their parents because they aren’t afraid to talk freely about their thoughts and feelings.

Good communication also includes the ability to express thoughts and opinions in an honest, healthy and assertive way. Adults can teach girls the power of assertiveness and emphasize that disagreeing with someone is fair and may also lead to healthy debates. Healthy assertiveness and conflict resolution both contribute nicely to the flow of communication.

Here are a few of the tips directly from Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! to encourage communication with your daughters, granddaughters and all children who need empowerment:

  • Make sure you are truly hearing what your child has to say. Good listening is good role modeling.
  • Focus on open-ended questions that encourage more conversation (especially important to enhance parent/teen conversations).
  • Ask about high points and low points of the day. These are ways to engage and really find out what is going on with your teen when they are away from you during the day.

You can find more of these great tips in the book! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for author book signings and more!

Authenticity: How to talk about being authentic…

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver

Have you ever felt trapped, insecure, or like you’re just existing and not living? If you’re anything like me, the answer is yes! For me, it was yes to all 3… before I learned how to not be afraid of being my authentic self.

Why do many of us feel like we aren’t being effective, aren’t being fulfilled or challenged? Like we should be feeling happy about something but we don’t?

I’ll tell you why. Women, girls, and boys alike, are subject to bullying, ridicule, societal pressures and the list goes on and on. We are taught what we should be, how we should feel about things and how we should act.

That’s a lot of “shoulds”, right? Sounds a lot like being forced to be, feel, and act the way someone or society WANTS you to. This doesn’t feel very authentic in nature.

Au·then·tic·i·ty — the quality of being authentic. Synonyms: genuineness, originality; rightfulness, legitimacy, legality, validity…

Understanding authenticity and how to talk to your children about it isn’t as difficult as it might sound. One of the most powerful women in Hollywood, the talented Meryl Streep, visited the topic of authenticity nearly a decade ago. She gave a speech at Columbia University discussing her own meandering path to authenticity. She shared how in high school she adjusted her high-spirited personality to be more sweet and shy in order to appeal to boys.

So how do we teach or learn about authenticity? Simple changes in long-held approaches to influencing girls may truly help to foster authenticity.

Here are just a few ways you can encourage authenticity at home:

  • Model how to respect and value people regardless of the color of their skin, their physical abilities, the language they speak, or their culture.
  • Allow your daughter (granddaughter, niece, etc.) take age-appropriate risks. Grant her independence to make choices about her clothing and personal style to express her authenticity.
  • Teach her to adopt gratitude for who she is and all of her gifts.

You can learn even more tips by heading straight to Amazon and purchasing Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive more helpful tips about being your most authentic self!

Also, Meryl Streep isn’t the only woman in Hollywood talking about how women need to stand up for themselves and be proud of their talents. Check out Glenn Close’s most recent acceptance speech at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.