Miscommunication & How It Affects Us

How often have you wished you had said something different? Wished that you could take it back? Or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of miscommunication… maybe someone sent you a text that you misinterpreted. This happens a lot as many of you know.

Mothers and daughters that communicate better enjoy spending time together even more.

So how do we teach young girls, women, and society at large to be very concerned about how to communicate better, and avoid the problems that miscommunication can cause?

There are two ways of spreading the light, to be a candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Edith WHarton

Healthy communication is a major contributor to positive self-esteem and meaningful relationships. Here are some of the benefits of girls feeling like they are being seen and heard:

  • Increases overall self-confidence
  • Enhanced ability to communicate wants and needs
  • More willing to spend time with parents and other adults

Don’t those sound empowering? And if you’re anything like us we think the last one is pretty great as well. Girls and teens who are comfortable communicating are more apt to spend time with their parents because they aren’t afraid to talk freely about their thoughts and feelings.

Good communication also includes the ability to express thoughts and opinions in an honest, healthy and assertive way. Adults can teach girls the power of assertiveness and emphasize that disagreeing with someone is fair and may also lead to healthy debates. Healthy assertiveness and conflict resolution both contribute nicely to the flow of communication.

Here are a few of the tips directly from Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! to encourage communication with your daughters, granddaughters and all children who need empowerment:

  • Make sure you are truly hearing what your child has to say. Good listening is good role modeling.
  • Focus on open-ended questions that encourage more conversation (especially important to enhance parent/teen conversations).
  • Ask about high points and low points of the day. These are ways to engage and really find out what is going on with your teen when they are away from you during the day.

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